Hello. We are the leading manufacturer of awards to the music, film and gaming industries.

As the oldest manufactuer of awards to the music, film and computer game industry, Century Displays have been making awards since 1973. Our innovative and traditional designs are created using 24 carat gold and silver coating of vinyls and CDs, which are then mounted and framed with a plaque, or have a standard award with no coating. We also offer various layouts using our acrylic range which reflects a sleek and modern design in keeping with the current trends.

music awards

Music Awards

Our music awards can follow the traditional 12" vinyl with plaque layout or a CD layout with plaque, or you can choose to have a unique/bespoke award to mark the event or suit the occasion.

film awards

Film Awards

Century Displays also offers a range of awards to the to mark DVD sales or releases. Choose from our approved BVA accredited designs or have a unique/bespoke award to suit the occasion.

software awards

Software Awards

The games industry now regularly sell millions of units and our range of awards has grown to match this success. Any number of contemporary designs can be created to match the look and feel of an individual release or to fit in with a company image.